Dear Philanthropy,

Enough with the "thought leadership."

It's time to put your money where your mouth is.

As the AI revolution accelerates across America, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape our social systems and create a more equitable, just society.

Together, your great work has built a non-profit ecosystem that generates an astounding 2 trillion dollars a year in contributions. You've undoubtedly made a difference, but we have the chance to do so much more.

Now, let's face it: this won't happen with yet another panel discussion, think tank, or hackathon. It's time for some bold moves, and we're calling on you – the US non-profit funder world – to lead the charge.

Imagine a future where AI helps union workers negotiate better contracts, public defenders access critical case information in seconds, and disinformation campaigns are stopped in their tracks. It's not just possible – it's within our reach. But only if we act boldly and invest in the projects and organizations that are building real tools, right now.

We don't need another forum to rehash the same conversations. Instead, we need your dollars – your millions, your billions – to fund real projects that will harness the power of AI to support and uplift American labor unions, public defenders, and counter disinformation efforts.

With your collective financial power and the rare opportunity of first-mover advantage, we have the potential to create groundbreaking initiatives that can reshape the landscape of our society. In AI, first-mover advantage is a real thing, we can't afford to sit idle and let this chance slip away.

So, let's skip the buzzwords and get down to business. We're not asking you to throw money at every shiny new AI startup that promises to change the world. We're asking you to invest in the game-changers, the visionaries, the doers who are working relentlessly to turn AI's potential into tangible solutions that strengthen our unions, empower public defenders, and combat disinformation.

The time for talk is over. It's time to put AI to work for the people who need it most. So, dear Philanthropy, are you in?


A 501c(4) AI Studio

PO Box 96503, PMB 54475

Washington, DC, 20090